The Redeemer 2015 – folk festival

Festa del Redentore 2014
On 29 August it takes place the feast of Redeemer, the main festival in Nuoro. The statue of the Redeemer placed on the top of the Ortobene mountain by the will of Pope Leone XIII in 1901. The broze statue was sculptured by Vincenzo Jerace to celebrate the XIX Jubilee. The feast over time has become the most famous symbol of the city thanks to the parade that every years shows traditional costumes from al lot of Sardinian villages
The people who live in Nuoro is also devoted to the Madonna delle Grazie and San Francesco di Lula but the Redeemer is the most important religious feast.
On August 15, 1901, the steamer “Tirso carried in Cagliari the statue. The statue were assembled in Nuoro on the top of the mountain where was created the magnificent monument over 7 meters high that watches Nuoro and the entire Sardinia.
The solemn inauguration took place on August 29, 1901 in the presence of the authorities and a great number of devotees. On the same day of every year, early in the morning the religious rituals begin with a procession, accompanied by hymns and prayer; starting from the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Neve after 9 km walk it gets on the top of the mountain where Mass is celebrated in honor of Christ. The folk festival combined with the Redeemer feast is one of the most magical, colorful and exciting of our island. It attracts tourist from all over Sardinia.
To allow maximum participation, the folk festival is celebrated on the Sunday before or after 29 August. Men and women in costumes come from all over Sardinia to create a striking and colorful parade through the streets of the city. Numerous other events are the corollary during the last week of August.
Program of the 114th Feast of the Redeemer 2015 is coming soon.
In addition to the rich program of events we suggest you to spend some time with us to learn more about the history and the amazing places of Nuoro: try Nuoro 360 ° tour by VisitNuoro.

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